Monday Night Bingo

Monday nights at Goody’s Tavern are Charity BINGO Nights from 7-9pm. Join us as we party with a purpose and raise money for a different local charity each month.

Bingo cards are only $1 and 100% of  proceeds collected from Bingo are donated to local San Clemente charities such as The San Clemente- Dana Point Animal Shelter, The San Clemente Skatepark Coalition and many more. 

A Charity Raffle is held in conjunction with charity bingo on the last Monday of the month, 100% of these proceeds are donated to the charity as well. We have had some great prizes donated from local businesses such as spa gift cards, whiskey tastings, airline tickets and so much more!! 

February's Bingo is in Support of Sandy Feet Initiative

The siblings of children with special needs see the world through different lenses than most children. They are the caretaker of their sibling, they are the caretaker to their mom and dad, they feel pressure to achieve great things and see their needs as second to the rest of the family. They have the longest relationship with that special sibling, that will last their lifetime, their responsibilities are forever.

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January's Bingo is in Support of Freedom Sings USA

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November's Bingo is in Support of The Marine Holiday Dinner Fund


October's Charity is Pier Pride

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August's Charity is the San Clemente Watershed Task Force

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July's Charity is Cancer Partners of San Clemente

Cancer Support Partners

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May's Charity is the Friends of San Clemente

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April's Charity is the San Clemente Village

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monday bingo

June's Charity is the San Clemente Women's Club.

San Clemente Women's Club

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February's Charity is the Marine Raider Challenge.

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March's Charity is the San Clemente Art Association


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Bingo Winners

free pool

Free Pool

On Mondays you can enjoy free pool all day and night so after Charity Bingo stick around and play a few games!